An Affair to Remember

An Affair to Remember

Leo McCarey (1957)

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This wonderfully frothy 1950s confection has inspired many a comic moment, as well as the climax on top of the Empire State Building in the much-loved Tom Hanks/Meg Ryan film Sleepless in Seattle, yet the film itself was a remake of another McCarey production, 1939's Love Affair. The incomparable Cary Grant is at his slickly arch and urbane best as a wealthy, idle womaniser who meets his match in self-contained, sassy Deborah Kerr aboard a luxury liner. Director Leo McCarey dresses his sophisticated comedy of sexual manners in an atmosphere of rhinestone-encrusted dresses, impeccably pressed dinner suits and raised champagne glasses. The second half slips off the boil somewhat, but, thanks to Grant and Kerr, this remains a cinematic object lesson in the perfect rapier delivery of cut-and-thrust dialogue.


Love blossoms on the high seas for a playboy bachelor and a former nightclub singer during a transatlantic cruise. When the liner comes into dock at New York, they agree to wait for six months and then meet again at the Empire State Building, hoping to prove to each other their relationship is more than a shipboard affair. Romantic drama, with Cary Grant, Deborah Kerr, Cathleen Nesbitt, Richard Denning and Neva Patterson.

Cast & Crew

Nickie Ferrante Cary Grant
Terry McKay Deborah Kerr
Kenneth Richard Denning
Lois Neva Patterson
Grandmother Cathleen Nesbitt
Announcer Robert Q Lewis
Hathaway Charles Watts
Courbet Fortunio Bonanova
Father McGrath Matt Moore
Mario Louis Mercier
Miss Webb Geraldine Wall
Gladys Nora Marlowe
Miss Lane Sarah Selby
Gabriello Genevieve Aumont
Director Leo McCarey
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Other Information

Language: EnglishColourTheatrical distributor: 20th Century Fox Film Co. LtdAvailable on: video, DVD and Blu-ray