A Day for Thanks on Waltons Mountain

A Day for Thanks on Waltons Mountain

Harry Harris (2) (1982)

PG Certificate


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The Waltons bade their farewells in this lacklustre TV movie that has all the signs of being a tale too far. There's still plenty of incident to keep die-hard fans guessing. Will Jason become a composer; can Erin really leave the mountain; will Jim-Bob get to be his own boss? Yet things can never really be the same again, what with Robert Wightman now playing John-Boy and Olivia being kept off-screen altogether in a hospital bed in the town. However, Ralph Waite and Ellen Corby bring some sort of continuity and the good old kindred spirit is still hugely appealing.


As Thanksgiving approaches, Elizabeth resolves to gather the entire Walton family together again for an old-fashioned celebration - but struggles to persuade everyone to attend. Drama, starring Kami Cotler, Ralph Waite, Jon Walmsley and Ellen Corby.

Cast & Crew

John Walton Ralph Waite
Jason Walton Jon Walmsley
Mary Ellen Walton Judy Norton-Taylor
Ben Walton Eric Scott
Jim-Bob Walton David W Harper
Elizabeth Walton Kami Cotler
John-Boy Walton Robert Wightman
Grandma Walton Ellen Corby
Ike Godsey Joe Conley
Corabeth Godsey Ronnie Claire Edwards
Erin Northridge Mary Beth McDonough
Director Harry Harris (2)
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Language: EnglishColour