Michael Tuchner (1991)

15 Certificate


Our Score
Joanna Kerns, Barry Bostwick and Rob Lowe's brother Chad star in this tale, based on a true story, about a married couple who are held captive by a pair of rather nasty escaped prisoners. Unfortunately, this has all been done before and better in William Wyler's 1955 film The Desperate Hours (with Humphrey Bogart), and overdone in the latter film's awful 1990 remake with Mickey Rourke. Occasionally disturbing, and eminently missable.

Cast & Crew

Paul Plunk Barry Bostwick
Kathy Plunk Joanna Kerns
Robert Knott John Stamos
Frost Chad Lowe
Karen Patricia Charbonneau
Katie Plunk Jaclyn Hazeldine
Katie Plunk Kristy Hazeldine
Rudy Bruger Ted Stidder
Hilda Bruger Florence Paterson
Deputy Mack Don S Davis
Harry Jordon Timothy Webber
Teller Douglas Newell
Nigel Crisp Duncan Fraser
Director Michael Tuchner
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Other Information

Language: EnglishColourAvailable on: video