I Am Not a Serial Killer

I Am Not a Serial Killer

Billy O'Brien (2) (2016)

15 Certificate
Fri 1 Sep 2:55pm - 4:45pm Sky Cinema Crime & Thriller


Our Score
Originality is hard to come by, especially in horror films, but there's a good dose of it in this stylish and beguiling little chiller based on the first book in Dan Wells's young adult book series. Infused with teen angst, it stars Max Records (Where the Wild Things Are) as a troubled small-town teen who helps embalm bodies in the family funeral parlour and is morbidly obsessed with death and serial killers. So, he thinks all his Christmases have come at once when the town begins suffering a series of brutal murders and missing body parts. But who dunnit? Max's suspicions are aroused by his elderly next-door neighbour (Christopher Lloyd of the Back to the Future franchise). There are many things to like about I Am Not a Serial Killer and chief among them is Lloyd's performance. The veteran actor patently relishes not only a meaty role, but the chance to escape being cast as an outright madman. Overall, the film lives up to his great presence.


A weird teen shows homicidal tendencies, making him the perfect youth to find a real murderer. Supernatural thriller, starring Max Records, Christopher Lloyd and Laura Fraser.

Cast & Crew

John Wayne Cleaver Max Records
Mr Crowley Christopher Lloyd
April Cleaver Laura Fraser
Dr Neblin Karl Geary
Kay Crowley Dee Noah
Lauren Bacall Cleaver Anna Sundberg
Principal Layton James Gaulke
Olson the barber Tim Russell
Drifter Matt Roy
Ron the coroner Tony Papenfuss
Minister Bruce Bohne
Brooke Watson Lucy Lawton
Director Billy O'Brien (2)
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Other Information

Language: EnglishColourTheatrical distributor: BulldogGuidance: Violence, swearingAvailable on: DVD and Blu-rayReleased on: 9 Dec 2016