Closer to the Moon

Closer to the Moon

Nae Caranfil (2014)

12A Certificate
Sunday 6am - 8am Sky Cinema Drama & Romance


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It's Romania, 1959. As a kick against Jewish oppression under the postwar Communist regime, five idealistic Jewish intellectuals decide to rob the state bank to fund their dissident activities. They do so under the pretence of making a heist movie. Caught by the authorities, they're then bizarrely and ironically forced to re-stage their robbery for an anti-Semitic government propaganda film. It sounds fanciful, but in essence it's all true. The propaganda film exists. Extracts are shown during the closing credits. Though written and directed by a Romanian, Closer to the Moon is in English, and features an Anglo-American cast headed by Mark Strong and Vera Farmiga. While commercially understandable, artistically it impacts on the film's credibility and effectiveness. The story is so quintessentially Romanian, it should have been made in Romanian, with Romanian actors. Though decently made, it probably won't make much impact outside Bucharest and its environs.


Five high-ranking members of the Communist party in 1950s Romania rob a bank and very nearly get away with the crime. When they are finally arrested, they are sentenced to death - but before their execution, they are ordered to re-enact the heist on film, so it can be used in a propaganda movie. Fact-based comedy crime drama, starring Mark Strong and Vera Farmiga.

Cast & Crew

Alice Vera Farmiga
Max Rosenthal Mark Strong
Virgil Harry Lloyd
Holban Anton Lesser
Razvan Joe Armstrong
Sonia Monica Barladeanu
Iorgu Christian McKay
Flaviu Allan Corduner
Dumi Tim Plester
Gogo Andrew Buckley
Director Nae Caranfil
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Other Information

Language: EnglishColourTheatrical distributor: New EntertainmentGuidance: Swearing, some violence, sexual references.Released on: 13 Nov 2015
Drama Comedy