Barely Lethal

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Barely Lethal

Kyle Newman (2015)

12A Certificate


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This teen action comedy follows a 16-year-old girl (Hailee Steinfeld) who is unhappy with her life. The twist is that she happens to be a highly trained assassin, having been raised at a top-secret school for young female killers. One day, a mission results in her being separated from the team, so she decides to fake her own death. Hoping to lead a normal life, she enrols at a regular high school, posing as an exchange student named Megan Walsh. What follows is elevated by Steinfeld, who is immensely endearing in the lead role, despite the fact that her character is frustratingly inconsistent. One minute, Megan is cautious to a fault. The next, she is unbelievably gullible. The film pokes fun at teen movies, but it also adopts many of the same clichés and stereotypes, resulting in a high-school flick that is both knowing and formulaic at the same time.


A teenage secret agent longs to lead a normal life, so decides to fake her own death and enrol in a high school as an exchange student. However, she soon discovers that navigating teenage social hierarchy can be just as dangerous as international espionage. Action comedy, starring Hailee Steinfeld, Samuel L Jackson and Jessica Alba.

Cast & Crew

Megan Walsh Hailee Steinfeld
Maxwell Hardman Samuel L Jackson
Victoria Knox Jessica Alba
Liz Larson Dove Cameron
Roger Marcus Thomas Mann (2)
Penny Rachel Harris
Cash Toby Sebastian
Analyst Knight Jaime King
Megan, aged 8 Madeleine Stack
Henchman Jones Bruno Gunn
Heather Sophie Turner
Heather, aged 8 Eva G Cooper
Director Kyle Newman
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Other Information

Language: EnglishColourTheatrical distributor: Signature EntertainmentGuidance: Violence, swearing, sexual references.Released on: 28 Aug 2015
Comedy Drama