Michael Thelin (2015)

15 Certificate


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A parent's worst nightmare throbs at the heart of this devious little chiller. Sarah Bolger (The Spiderwick Chronicles) is all sweetness and light as the replacement babysitter who comes to the rescue of a couple keen to go out and celebrate their anniversary. That's unlucky for mum and dad because "Anna" only has subversive plans in mind for their three children. Her Machiavellian manipulations soon have surly, 11-year-old Jacob (Joshua Rush) losing his bearings, while the other kids are too young to worry. But slowly, insidiously, Bolger forces her charges into terrified obedience, especially after one of their pets meets a crushing fate. Inevitably, proceedings lurch into familiar psycho-thriller territory, though Bolger is never less than magnetic (or menacing) as the troubled if deranged child-minder.


A couple celebrating their anniversary are unable to hire the usual babysitter to watch their three children, but a replacement is quickly found. However, the eldest child soon realises she is not what she seems to be, and has to grow up quickly if he is to protect his younger siblings from her sinister intentions. Thriller, starring Sarah Bolger and Joshua Rush.

Cast & Crew

Emelie / "Anna" Sarah Bolger
Jacob Joshua Rush
Sally Carly Adams
Christopher Thomas Bair
Joyce Susan Pourfar
Dan Chris Beetum
Maggie Elizabeth Jayne
Director Michael Thelin
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Other Information

Language: EnglishColourGuidance: Violence, swearing