Bloodsucking Bosses

Bloodsucking Bosses

Brian James O'Connell (2015)

15 Certificate


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As with horror parodies like An American Werewolf in London, Fright Night and especially Shaun of the Dead, nothing should be taken too seriously in this wonderfully ribald yarn. Meek and mild office drone Evan Sanders (Fran Kranz) is desperate to get on but when an old college foe (a gleefully sleazy Pedro Pascal) is promoted above him and he's dumped by his HR manager girlfriend (The Collection's Emma Fitzpatrick), it's too much to bear. That's probably why he's oblivious to a vampire transforming his colleagues into obedient "puncture monkeys". Thankfully best friend and "worthless slacker" Tim (Joey Kern, sporting a natty 70s moustache) and a gung-ho security guard (Marshall Givens) set out to help him save the day. Buckets of blood are then spilt (these vamps explode upon staking) but it's bawdy, deadpan humour (a la Clerks) and satirical stabs at office politics that rule here - lack of sunlight in the workplace means the undead can flourish and they're happy to work through the night. It's not especially original, but there's enough snappy patter and laugh-out-loud moments to be bloody good fun.


A corporate employee stuck in a boring job sees the promotion he has long coveted handed to one of his old enemies. When his co-workers start going through strange changes, he realises the situation is even worse - his rival is a vampire, and has evil plans in mind for the business. Comedy horror, starring Fran Kranz and Pedro Pascal.

Cast & Crew

Evan Sanders Fran Kranz
Amanda Emma Fitzpatrick
Max Pedro Pascal
Tim Joey Kern
Ted Joel Murray
Zabeth Yvette Yates
Andrew Justin Ware
Frank Marshall Givens
Janitor Sean Cowhig
Mike Neil Garguilo
Phallicyte executive Matthew Lillard
Mail room boy Brian James O'Connell
Director Brian James O'Connell
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Other Information

Language: EnglishColourGuidance: Violence, swearing.Available on: DVD
Comedy Drama