The Man Whose Mind Exploded

The Man Whose Mind Exploded

Toby Amies (2013)

15 Certificate


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This micro-budget documentary from Toby Amies is so much more than a portrait of a man living with mental illness; it's an affectionate tribute to an incorrigible and well-loved eccentric. A larger-than-life figure with his tattoos, piercings, waxed moustache and flamboyant attire, Drako Oho Zarharzar has lived quite the bohemian life, including a stint modelling for Salvador Dali. But two near-fatal accidents have left their mark on this septuagenarian, who now lives with a condition known as anterograde amnesia. So while he can recall events from the past, he struggles to form new memories. Much of the film is shot on a single camera in Drako's Brighton council flat, a hoarder's paradise filled to the rafterswith notes, rubbish and pictures of well-endowed men - in effect, the jumbled contents of Drako's brain made manifest. Not that the squalor (or anything else for that matter) bothers this man; Drako's unfailing belief in his creed "Trust. Absolute. Unconditional." means that he remains untroubled by his helplessness. The genial Amies moves from being an impartial observer to a concerned friend and even a carer to this stubborn yet blissfully upbeat individual, whose infectious joie de vivre and rascally behaviour transcends what could have been a tragic story into something more life-affirming.


Director Toby Amies' documentary portrait of Brighton eccentric Drako Zarharzar, whose past includes connections to Salvador Dalí, Andy Warhol and the Rolling Stones, as well periods of drug-dealing, ballet dancing and being feted on the fetish club scene. Two serious road accidents left him with a shattered memory of his life and an inability to form new memories, only able to piece together his own extraordinary story from notes and images that litter his flat.

Cast & Crew

Drako Oho Zaraharzar Drako Oho Zaraharzar
Toby Amies Toby Amies
Director Toby Amies

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Language: EnglishColourTheatrical distributor: Perfectmotion ltdGuidance: Swearing, sexual references.Released on: 13 Jun 2014