Saving Santa

Saving Santa

Leon Joosen (2013)

U Certificate


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This animated Brit-voiced bauble won't give the Christmas heavyweights any sleepless nights. But, if Saving Santa lacks the clout and quality of, say, Disney's Frozen, it's still a cute festive watch for younger kids. Martin Freeman voices Bernard, an inventor elf whose latest gizmo inadvertently disrupts the cloaking device that conceals Santa's North Pole HQ from the outside world. In drops nasty Nevill (Tim Curry), a parcel-delivery rival who's seeking the secret of Santa's super-speedy sleigh. It's down to Bernard to make amends, by using Santa's time globe, several times, to travel back in time and set things right. His multiple time-trips may confuse younger kids, so parents should be prepared for probing questions about temporal paradoxes.


Bernard, a clumsy elf working in Santa's reindeer stables, learns that his employer uses time travel to go all around the world in a single night. When mercenaries invade the North Pole looking to steal its magical secrets, Bernard goes back in time to stop them ever finding the place. Animated comedy, with the voices of Martin Freeman, Tim Curry, Joan Collins and Tom Baker.

Cast & Crew

Bernard Martin Freeman
Nevill Baddington Tim Curry
Santa Tim Conway
Vera Baddington Joan Collins
Shiny Ashley Tisdale
Mrs Claus Pam Ferris
Director Leon Joosen
Director Aaron Seelman
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Other Information

Language: EnglishColourTheatrical distributor: KaleidoscopeAvailable on: Blu-rayReleased on: 29 Nov 2013
Comedy Drama Children's