Series 1 - Episode 1

Radio Times
Review by:
Alison Graham

If, like me, you’re a sucker for a haunted house mystery, if you love anything with disembodied voices, doors opening by themselves and inexplicable power cuts, then this is for you.

Lightfields is set in a Suffolk farmhouse and, like its predecessor Marchlands, we follow three sets of inhabitants through different eras. In 1944 a naive young country girl starts an affair with a handsome, Daniel Craig-lookalike GI, in 1975 a writer with her teenage daughter flees a crumbling marriage, while in 2012 a couple run a B&B while caring for their grandson.

The three strands are neatly interwoven while the story throws out hints at associations with the house’s tragic past. To say any more would spoil the fun, so just switch off the lights and cuddle a cushion.

About this programme

1/5. Follow-up to supernatural drama Marchlands, focusing on three families living in the same farmhouse in different decades and connected by the mysterious death of a girl. The story opens in 1944 with the aftermath of a fire that devastates Lightfields' hay barn. In 1975, a woman is forced to confront repressed childhood memories of her time as an evacuee in the area, and in 2012 a couple who have moved into the property are haunted by a restless spirit. Starring Jill Halfpenny, Sam Hazeldine, Dakota Blue Richards, Lucy Cohu, Karla Crome, Danny Miller and Kris Marshall.

Cast and crew


Luke Willard
Alexander Aze
Pip Felwood (2012)
Michael Byrne
Lucy Felwood
Antonia Clarke
Vivien Mullen (1975)
Lucy Cohu
Clare Mullen
Karla Crome
Tom (1975)
Wayne Foskett
Martha Felwood
Jill Halfpenny
Albert Felwood
Sam Hazeldine
Dwight Lawson
Neil Jackson
Paul Willard
Kris Marshall
Chris Mason
Vivien (1944)
Leilah de Meza
Tom (1944)
Danny Miller
Pip Felwood (1944)
Larry Mills
Harry Dunn
Luke Newberry
Dakota Blue Richards
Alice Sanders
Barry Felwood
Danny Webb
Lorna Wade
Sophie Thompson


Damon Thomas
Executive Producer
Kate Lewis
Cherry Gould
Simon Tyrrell