Mr Selfridge

Series 1 - Episode 8

Mr Selfridge
Radio Times
Review by:
Alison Graham

One of the many accidental joys of Mr Selfridge is its Wikipedia-style fact-dump introductions of historical celebrities. Tonight FW Woolworth drops in on his old friend Harry Selfridge in London, prompting the Selfridge family butler to drop “Mr Woolworth is an American gentleman, I believe?” into a conversation with his boss.

FW (Michael Brandon) wants to open a shop on Oxford Street, which unnerves Mr S (Jeremy Piven), who decides to take on the Woolworth “pile ’em high, sell ’em cheap” ethos with a mid-season Selfridge’s sale.

The staff are very excited, though some are busy pursuing romantic liaisons, like Agnes and the hot French window dresser who has undressing on his mind: “You want this? You sure?” he asks after putting out his fag.

About this programme

8/10. Old family friends Frank and Jennie Woolworth arrive in London and Harry is immediately suspicious he might have some competition on his hands. Determined to seize the advantage, he plans a mid-season sale - but there's little chance he can match his rivals' low prices. Meanwhile, life turns awkward for Rose when she runs into Roddy at Lady Mae's soiree, Agnes and Henri's working relationship steps up a gear, and Mr Grove's behaviour continues to confuse Miss Mardle.

Cast and crew


Harry Selfridge
Jeremy Piven
Rose Selfridge
Frances O'Connor
Lady Mae
Katherine Kelly
Frank Woolworth
Michael Brandon
Jennie Woolworth
Lisa Eichhorn
Ellen Love
Zoe Tapper
Oliver Jackson-Cohen
Henri Leclair
Gregory Fitoussi
Aisling Loftus
Mr Grove
Tom Goodman-Hill
Miss Mardle
Amanda Abbington
Mr Crabb
Ron Cook
Mrs Crabb
Wendy Nottingham
Lois Selfridge
Kika Markham
Trystan Gravelle
Amy Beth Hayes
Lauren Crace
Malcolm Rennie
Rosalie Selfridge
Poppy Lee Friar
Violette Selfridge
Freya Wilson
Gordon Selfridge
Adam Wilson
Beatrice Selfridge
Raffey Cassidy
Miss Blenkinsop
Deborah Cornelius
Miss Ravillous
Anna Madeley
Mr Perez
Timothy Watson
Tony Travers
Will Payne
Richard Brackenbury
Luke Newton
Robin Brackenbury
Tom Russell
Miss Bunting
Pippa Haywood


Michael Keillor
Executive Producer
Kate Lewis
Executive Producer
Andrew Davies
Executive Producer
Rebecca Eaton
Chrissy Skinns
Jeremy Piven
Carmel Maloney
Kate Brooke