Series 11 - Episode 1

Radio Times
Review by:
David Crawford

It felt like a breath of fresh air when it burst onto our screens in 2004, but as it girds its loins for a final hurrah, the rambunctious drama feels as stale as Frank Gallagher’s rasping breath after a heavy night.

Any warmth for the characters departed long ago and we’re just left with a queasy mix of filthy laughs and stabs at poignancy. There’s both in the storyline of Jamie Maguire (Aaron McCusker) discovering that Paddy wasn’t his father.

The details of the revelation aren’t suitable for the pages of Radio Times, but as Jamie struggles with identity issues, he becomes a fixed point amid the usual screaming vortex of lusty abandon.

About this programme

1/14. The 11th and final season of the popular drama begins as the Maguires toast the expansion of their empire - Mimi has hijacked control of the local school via the PTA and Shane is setting up a new business venture. But just as things are going well, Jamie makes a shocking discovery and withdraws from the family firm. Meanwhile, Frank climbs the employment ladder as a caretaker, conveniently funding his latest leisure activity - a prostitute double act.

Cast and crew


Jamie Maguire
Aaron McCusker
Shane Maguire
Nicky Evans
Mimi Tutton
Tina Malone
Billy Tutton
Michael Taylor
Karen Maguire
Rebecca Atkinson
Frank Gallagher
David Threlfall
Kelly Maguire
Sally Carman
Avril Powell
Karen Bryson
Letitia Powell
Kira Martin
Thaila Zucchi
Lillian Tyler
Alice Barry
Chesney Karib
Qasim Akhtar
Gloria Meak
Angeline Ball
Dominic Meak
Stephen Lord
Aidan Croker
Robbie Conway
Marty Fisher
Jack Deam
Sarah Totty
Sue Vincent
Patreesha St Rose
Jacqueline Boatswain
Mary Mae
Adelle Leonce
Kassi Blanco
Jalaal Hartley
Dan Atkinson
John Branwell
Police officer
Tracey Booth
Gerard Fletcher


Paul Norton Walker
Tim Whitby
Series Producer
Jean Holdsworth
Jimmy Dowdall