Call the Midwife

Series 2 - Episode 5

Call the Midwife
Radio Times
Review by:
Alison Graham

Call the Midwife has always been the most subversively feminist mainstream drama on television, but tonight it fully embraces the sisterhood with an angry episode about the horrors of illegal abortion, rounded off with a paean to the Pill.

Sharon Small plays Nora Harding, an exhausted mother of eight with a jobless husband and another baby on the way. Distraught with poverty and misery in the family’s two-roomed hovel, she decides she must rid herself of the baby. Watch out, it’s tough stuff, particularly for an 8pm Sunday-night drama.

The mood lightens a little as the gang at Nonnatus House is persuaded by the vicar’s very pushy wife to hold a baby show during the annual fête. But, again, it’s little, lovelorn, desperately troubled Sister Bernadette (Laura Main) who will grab your heart.

About this programme

5/8. The locals excitedly prepare for the summer fete, featuring a baby show for which Trixie volunteers to secure a celebrity judge. Not everyone is in the mood for a party, however, as Jenny finds when she meets Nora Harding, a mother-of-eight distraught that she will soon have another mouth to feed. The midwife does her best to reassure the desperate mum, but her words fall on deaf ears and Nora ends up taking matters into her own hands. Jessica Raine and Helen George star, with a guest appearance by Sharon Small (Mistresses).

Cast and crew


Jenny Lee
Jessica Raine
Sister Julienne
Jenny Agutter
Sister Evangelina
Pam Ferris
Sister Monica Joan
Judy Parfitt
Trixie Franklin
Helen George
Cynthia Miller
Bryony Hannah
Sister Bernadette
Laura Main
Dr Turner
Stephen McGann
Cliff Parisi
Jane Sutton
Dorothy Atkinson
Timothy Turner
Max Macmillan
Nora Harding
Sharon Small
Bill Harding
Mark Flitton
Jack Smith
Jake Bailey
Mrs Clarke
Lucy Russell
Mrs Pritchard
Alison Newman
Miriam Pritchard
Charlotte Victoria
Clifford Raines
Tristan Gemmill
Voice of mature Jenny
Vanessa Redgrave


China Moo-Young
Hugh Warren
Heidi Thomas