Series 27 - 21. Life Goes On

Radio Times
Review by:
Jane Rackham

Nick Jordan (Michael French) has obviously been afflicted with some sort of Grand Speeches virus. Perched on top of a very high horse indeed he lays into the mother of Neil (the lad who’s accused of murdering Yvonne): “I know exactly what your life is like,” he rants. “Poor diet, booze and drugs. You think everyone has to pick up the pieces. You think the world owes you. You think it’s your right to just take. You call your kids stupid names like Nylon and preach hatred and prejudice and you wonder why they end up in prison.”

After everyone’s recovered from that tirade, he follows it up later with another tearful little speech.

About this programme

21/44. Jordan is presented with the CCTV footage and discovers the truth about his girlfriend's death, but when he tracks Mehmet to his home, the killer collapses and Jordan must save his life. Elsewhere, Jamie comes out to Jeff after realising he's nothing like his father. Michael French stars.

Cast and crew


Nick Jordan
Michael French
Zoe Hanna
Sunetra Sarker
Charlie Fairhead
Derek Thompson
Jamie Collier
Daniel Anthony
Tom Kent
Oliver Coleman
Jeff Collier
Matt Bardock
Kathleen `Dixie' Dixon
Jane Hazlegrove
Adrian `Fletch' Fletcher
Alex Walkinshaw
Aoife O'Reilly
Gemma-Leah Devereux
Sam Nicholls
Charlotte Salt
Linda Andrews
Christine Tremarco
Lloyd Asike
Michael Obiora
Tess Bateman
Suzanne Packer
Big Mac
Charles Dale
Noel Garcia
Tony Marshall
Louise Tyler
Azuka Oforka
Robyn Miller
Amanda Henderson
Mehmet Aslan
Paul Chahidi
Yasmin Aslan
Fisun Burgess
Neil `Nylon' Johns
Reece Douglas
Danni Petrovich
Ted Reilly
Zak Woodman
Fady Elsayed
Faith Portman
Natalie Gavin
Kim McCall
Susannah Wise
Aiden Mercer
Frank Laverty


Reza Moradi
Executive Producer
Johnathan Young
Series Producer
Nikki Wilson
Tony McHale