Room 101

Series 2 - Episode 4

Radio Times
Review by:
David Butcher

“I think they’re both a bit uptight,” trills the one and only Paloma Faith as Deborah Meaden and Jason Manford air their grumbles. Has nobody told her that being uptight is a pre-requisite for this show? Here, uptightness is as essential as a plausible way with an anecdote on Would I Lie to You? or
a skimpy swimsuit on Splash!

The fact that Meaden and Manford quake with fury when people at checkout queues don’t have their money ready to pay might be worrying in some quarters; here it’s the stuff of comedy. And Faith has her own hang-ups: she hates Ugg boots so much she fires anyone who comes to work in them.

About this programme

4/8. Comedian Jason Manford, chart star Paloma Faith and Dragons' Den entrepreneur Deborah Meaden compete to have their pet hates banished on the panel show chaired by Frank Skinner. Their gripes include people who use the phrase `all due respect', smart-casual dress, jobsworths, people in lifts and Fifty Shades of Grey.

Cast and crew


Frank Skinner
Jason Manford
Paloma Faith
Deborah Meaden


Ian Lorimer
Executive Producer
Richard Wilson
Executive Producer
Jimmy Mulville
Adam Copeland
Series Producer
Stu Mather