Call the Midwife

Series 2 - Episode 1

Call the Midwife
Radio Times
Review by:
Alison Graham

After a really big PUSH!!! BBC1 delivers a bouncing second series of its biggest drama hit in years. Everyone – nuns and midwives – is back at Nonnatus House to tend to the screaming mothers-to-be of 1958’s teeming East End tenements.

After a particularly grim Christmas special, the mood lifts ever so slightly when we return to Poplar, as the girls celebrate Jenny’s birthday with cake and a trip to the cinema to see South Pacific. There are some giggles after nice Dr Turner and his revolutionary nitrous-oxide machine cheer up the birthing mums no end, sending them into delighted stupors.

But the fun can’t last for ever. Jenny attends a young mother married to an abusive brute, while silly Trixie and battleaxe Sister Evangelina are called out to a difficult birth on a ship. As for dear old Chummy (Miranda Hart),
it seems like she might have itchy feet.

About this programme

1/8. Jenny is concerned about a mum-to-be involved in an abusive marriage, while Trixie and Sister Evangelina find themselves in unusual circumstances on board a Swedish cargo ship looking after the captain's daughter, who is about to have her first child. Jessica Raine, Helen George, Pam Ferris and Miranda Hart star.

Cast and crew


Jenny Lee
Jessica Raine
Sister Julienne
Jenny Agutter
Sister Evangelina
Pam Ferris
Chummy Noakes
Miranda Hart
Sister Monica Joan
Judy Parfitt
Trixie Franklin
Helen George
Cynthia Miller
Bryony Hannah
Sister Bernadette
Laura Main
PC Peter Noakes
Ben Caplan
Dr Turner
Stephen McGann
Cliff Parisi
Bella Collins
Claire-Louise Cordwell
Molly Brignall
Scarlett Archer
Ritchie Brignall
Alexander Cobb
Smudger Collins
Thomas Aldridge
Mrs Marjorie Gray
Tilly Vosburgh
Capt Bjorgsen
Christopher Dane
Kirsten Bjorgsen
Zandra Anderson
Glaswegian sailor
Andy McSorley
Voice of mature Jenny
Vanessa Redgrave


Philippa Lowthorpe
Hugh Warren
Heidi Thomas