Room 101

Series 2 - Episode 3

Radio Times
Review by:
David Butcher

You wouldn’t expect Janet Street-Porter and Ben Fogle to agree on much and they don’t. But they give Room 101 exactly the injection of friction it needs as they clash on the rights and wrongs of multichannel TV and wheelie cases. Fogle disdains both, but Street-Porter’s first beef is more specific: she loathes Extreme Fishing with Robson Green for its shoutiness: “Simplistic twaddle!” argues the journalist famed for her calm and nuanced approach.

But it’s Greg Davies, the man with the angriest eyebrows in comedy, who really gets the programme’s comic juices flowing. His rant/routine about pointless TV interviews with members of the public is a joy.

About this programme

3/8. Frank Skinner chairs the comedy panel show, inviting comedian Greg Davies, presenter and adventurer Ben Fogle and journalist Janet Street-Porter to compete to have their pet hates banished for ever. Their gripes include people who use suitcases on wheels, multichannel TV, umbrellas, friends' hobbies and women who like to be treated as ladies.

Cast and crew


Frank Skinner
Greg Davies
Ben Fogle
Janet Street-Porter


Ian Lorimer
Executive Producer
Richard Wilson
Executive Producer
Jimmy Mulville
Adam Copeland
Series Producer
Stu Mather