Silent Witness

Series 16 - 4. Trust - Part Two

Trust - Part Two
Radio Times
Review by:
David Butcher

“I’ll do the postmortems,” volunteers Leo. But as we realised in the final shot of last night’s opener, one of the bodies isn’t as mortem as it might be.

The case of the defence bio-research establishment where something or someone has gone very wrong (I know — bio-research labs are usually such innocent places on TV) continues to spiral into perilous territory. It makes for a pleasantly gripping hour: we more or less know who has done what, but we don’t know why or how, and those are often the more interesting parts of a drama.

Meanwhile, a delicately singed Nikki is wrestling with the fact that her new best friend DI Reed abandoned her in the burning building.

About this programme

4/10. Part two of two. As the basement murder case highlights two killers working in unison, Nikki and Jack discover one of the victims was killed by a sedative stolen from a hi-tech research lab - and soon suspicion falls on Lucas Ballinger, a scientist who works there. Meanwhile, Leo draws a blank with his theory that the baby died of natural causes - but when he uncovers Mark's violent past, he wonders whether Shona may have taken the blame for her husband's abusive behaviour. Crime drama, starring Emilia Fox and William Gaminara.

Cast and crew


Dr Nikki Alexander
Emilia Fox
Prof Leo Dalton
William Gaminara
Jack Hodgson
David Caves
Clarissa Mullery
Liz Carr
Lucas Ballinger
Bryan Dick
DI Reed
Amanda Drew
Petra Smith
Bryony Afferson
Mark Benson
Ashley Chin
Bill Ward
Jeff Hart
Colin Tierney
Ellisabet Vrinska
Sammy Kissin
Piers Christie
Mark Bonnar
Sean Jackson
Shona Benson
Lashana Lynch
Darius Benson
Deshaun Strong
Dr Richard Fell
Adam James
Andy Capie
Danielle Bux


Richard Clark
Sharon Bloom
Richard Davidson