Carved with Love: The Genius of British Woodwork

Series 1 - 2. The Glorious Grinling Gibbons

Radio Times
Review by:
David Crawford

There’s a feast for the eyes tonight as the survey of the country’s greatest carvers tells the story of 17th-century master of the intricate, Grinling Gibbons. His work is a cacophony in wood, with a riot of flowers, instruments and cherubs bursting out of walls – the polished folds seem like melted chocolate.

It’s hard for the experts to put into words the delights of Gibbons but the woman in charge of St James’s Church in Piccadilly knows best how to sum him up: “A clever bloke showing off for toffs – but it overwhelms me with how beautiful it is.”

About this programme

2/3. Paul Copley narrates the story of Grinling Gibbons, the 17th-century woodcarver who helped restore London to its former glory in the aftermath of the Great Fire. He reveals how Gibbons' masterpieces - created for the likes of Charles II and William of Orange - were held in such high regard he came to be known as `the Michelangelo of wood'.

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Paul Copley


Executive Producer
Jonty Claypole
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John Mullen