Primeval: New World

Series 1 - 2. Sisiutl

Radio Times
Review by:
Emma Sturgess

The Canadians strike out on their own in the second of the spin-off monster drama, whose star (with apologies to an entirely adequate cast) is a very long CGI sea serpent. Its habits include coughing up the remains of its lunch coated in viscous goo, eating scientists and hanging out in pipes and drains, which makes the First Nations protestors at an oil tanker facility particularly vulnerable.

A spiky script (“How come there’s never any little dinosaurs?” wonders Toby, speaking for us all) and solid-looking backdrops for the creatures to roam make it all rather easier to get lost in. That goes for Dylan, too, who is finding Evan’s world a bit more tempting than her once-dream job.

About this programme

2/13. The team investigates two deaths seemingly caused by an aquatic monster in a lake that is in an area contested by the native Canadian people and an oil pipeline company.

Cast and crew


Evan Cross
Niall Matter
Dylan Weir
Sara Canning
Mac Rendell
Danny Rahim
Toby Nance
Crystal Lowe
Angelika Finch
Miranda Frigon
Ken Leeds
Geoff Gustafson