Spies of Warsaw

Series 1 - Episode 2

Spies of Warsaw
Radio Times
Review by:
Mark Braxton

The concluding part of this eve-of-war drama based on the
Alan Furst bestseller starts with a bang. Our hero Colonel Mercier (David Tennant with romantic-hero hairdo) deals summarily with his hijackers but, in trying to unearth Germans military plans, his life is continually imperilled. The action flits between Czechoslovakia, Paris, Alsace and Warsaw as Mercier, parted from his beloved Anna (Janet Montgomery), takes ever-increasing risks.

It’s an impressively re-created 1938, and there are some amusing cameos, but despite being heavy on atmosphere Spies of Warsaw never quite ignites either as love story or espionage thriller. The one that got away, perhaps.

About this programme

2/2. Dick Clement and Ian La Frenais' two-part adaptation of Alan Furst's spy novel concludes. Jean-Francois Mercier's mission becomes all too dangerous when his cover is compromised while trying to unearth German military plans. After travelling to Czechoslovakia to find and question the elusive `Seagull', Mercier finds his superiors becoming increasingly frustrated with his risk-taking and lack of protocol. Anna Skarbek is devastated after she receives news about ex-lover Max Mostov and heads to Spain on mission of mercy for the League of Nations. Starring David Tennant and Janet Montgomery.

Cast and crew


Jean-Francois Mercier
David Tennant
Anna Skarbek
Janet Montgomery
Antoni Pakulski
Marcin Dorocinski
Olga Musser
Ann Eleonora Jorgensen
Burn Gorman
Mme Dupin
Ellie Haddington
Maxim Mostov
Piotr Baumann
Jan Pohl
August Voss
Rad Kaim
Malka Rozen
Linda Bassett
Viktor Rozen
Alan Corduner
Helena Skarbek
Tusse Silberg
Dr Lapp
Anton Lesser
Col Lessard
Richard Lintern
Gen Beauvilliers
Julian Glover
Roddy Fitzware
Richard Teversen
Tuppence Middleton
Miroslaw Zbrojewicz
Juliuis Halbach
Adam Godley
Karol Kijanowski
Mel Giedroyc
Fur Hat
Grzegorz Kowalczyk
SS Sgt
Sebastian Stegmann
Johannes Elter
Nicholas Murchie
Dan Fredenburgh
Mark Lewis
Duff Cooper
Julian Harries
Bogdan Koca
Mateusz Banasiuk
Andrew Sachs
Karolina Porcari
Klaudiusz Kaufmann
Czech barman
Ziggy Heath
Singer in club
Jessica Akpang
Viktor's chess opponent
Andrzej Walden
Polish Soldier
Rafal Zawierucha
Gypsy girl
Sonia Mietelica
Bandit Leader
Eugenij Malinowski
Ukranian Bandit 1
Michal Kosciuk
Ukranian Bandit 2
Grzegorz Klis
Ukranian Bandit 3
Jaroslaw Karpuk
Ukranian Bandit 4
Krzysztof Urbanowicz
Ukranian Bandit 5
Krzysztof Wnuk


Dick Clement
Ian La Frenais