Ripper Street

Series 1 - 2. In My Protection

In My Protection
Radio Times
Review by:
Alison Graham

A toymaker is beaten to death and a young boy is arrested for his murder. But the decent, humane DI Edmund Reid (Matthew Macfadyen) is perturbed when the child refuses to speak in his own defence, even though he faces the gallows. It’s obvious the poor thing is protecting his brutal, Fagin-like gang-master, so Reid decides to shock him into speaking.

It’s another odd, bleak tale – imagine a cross between Oliver Twist and Luther – that almost reeks of Victorian England’s stinking streets, places where quick, sharp violence is never far away. Ripper Street is not for the faint-hearted, either; there’s an unsparing gallows scene that will make you whimper.

About this programme

2/8. A toy-maker is beaten to death for a mysterious brass box and a few pennies, with the finger of suspicion pointing to a 14-year-old boy who refuses to deny the charge. However, orphanage governess Deborah Goren convinces Reid of the boy's innocence and he begins to dig deeper, bringing him face to face with a vicious child gang and its brutal master. Meanwhile, Jackson's gambling has led to the loss of the pendant that ties him to his American past - a past he and Long Susan now fear will be exposed. Crime thriller, guest starring Joseph Gilgun (Misfits), with Matthew Macfadyen, Jerome Flynn, Adam Rothenberg, Lucy Cohu and Myanna Buring.

Cast and crew


Det Insp Edmund Reid
Matthew Macfadyen
Det Insp Bennet Drake
Jerome Flynn
Cpt Homer Jackson
Adam Rothenberg
Long Susan
MyAnna Buring
Sgt Donald Artherton
David Wilmot
PC Dick Hobbs
Jonathan Barnwell
Fred Best
David Dawson
Rose Erskine
Charlene KcKenna
Emily Reid
Amanda Hale
Deborah Goren
Lucy Cohu
Joseph Gilgun
Mr Eagles
Hugh O'Conor
George Lusk
Michael Smiley
Thomas Gower
Giacomo Mancini
Mrs Manby
Beverley Klein
Ernest Manby
David Coon
Pat Laffan
Prison guard
Andy Kellegher
Prison chaplain
Simon Coury
Gang child
David Cummins
Alvaro Lucchesi


Tom Shankland
Stephen Smallwood
Richard Warlow