Holby City

Series 10 - 49. Separate Lives

About this programme

49/53. Linden tries to reassure the Tans about the immigration debacle and the future health of the twins if they are separated. Kyla and Daisha compete for the position of sister on Keller ward, while Donna and Maddy refuse to believe Maria's e-mail admirer is genuine. Ric has to make some tough decisions about redundancies - with Lola top of the list.

Cast and crew


Ric Griffin
Hugh Quarshie
Michael Spence
Hari Dhillon
Lola Griffin
Sharon D Clarke
Mark Williams
Robert Powell
Faye Morton
Patsy Kensit
Kyla Tyson
Rakie Ayola
Connie Beauchamp
Amanda Mealing
Sam Strachan
Tom Chambers
Maria Kendall
Phoebe Thomas
Linden Cullen
Duncan Pow
Maddy Young
Nadine Lewington
Donna Jackson
Jaye Jacobs
Daisha Anderson
Rebecca Grant
Keith Greene
Alex MacQueen
Jayne Grayson
Stella Gonet
Mrs Tan
Aewia Huillet
Mr Tan
Seok-Ha Hwang
Richard West
John Gorick
Amelia Kemp
Naomi Martin
April Gallagher
Lu Corfield
Fadwar Kermani
Shelley King
Uzma Butt
Farzana Dua Elahe
Tyler Phillips
Ben Tillett


Carl Hindmarch
Sharon Houlihan
Martin Jameson