The Royal

Series 5 - 7. Love Is All You Need

About this programme

7/12. Adam is quick to question Dr Weatherill's competence when a beach outing ends tragically for a family. Dr Ormerod leaps in to defend her - but ends up revealing his colleague's condition in his haste. Meanwhile, Dr Goodwin struggles to help a pair of teenage parents gain access to their baby. Amy Robbins and Robert Daws star.

Cast and crew


Dr Jeffrey Goodwin
Paul Fox
Nurse Catherine Deane
Amelia Curtis
Nurse Stella Davenport
Natalie Anderson
Frankie Robinson
Scott Taylor
Dr Gordon Ormerod
Robert Daws
Dr Jill Weatherill
Amy Robbins
Adam Carnegie
Robert Cavanah
Sister Brigid
Linda Armstrong
Mr Rose
Denis Lill
Wendy Craig
Lizzie Hopkirk
Michelle Hardwick
Ken Hopkirk
Michael Starke
Alun Morris
Andy Wear
Joanna Atkins
Holly Scourfield
Gavin Worthington
Harley Bartles
Neil Cutler
Toby Walton
Tessa Cutler
Freya Copeland
Katie Ormerod
Sophie Foster
Tom Ormerod
Daniel Feltham
Hilary Worthington
Annie Miles


Tim Dowd
Steve November
Jane Hollowood