The Royal

Series 2 - 6. The Last Waltz

The Last Waltz
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About this programme

6/6. Dr Ormerod finally accepts that wife Caroline isn't going to emerge from her coma and decides to move on. A married couple face the truth about their future, and Dr Weatherill is forced to break a distressing diagnosis to a patient, while Ken's organisational skills ensure the charity ball goes with a bang. Starring Michael Starke, Amy Robbins and Robert Daws, and featuring a guest appearance by Tricia Penrose in her Heartbeat guise of Gina Ward.

Cast and crew


Dr David Cheriton
Julian Ovenden
Dr Gordon Ormerod
Robert Daws
Dr Jill Weatherill
Amy Robbins
TJ Middleditch
Ian Carmichael
Ken Hopkirk
Michael Starke
Mrs Rose
Denis Lill
Gina Ward
Tricia Penrose
Wendy Craig
Vic Morris
Ronnie McCann
Alun Morris
Andy Wear
Paula Brodie
Louise Howells
Staff Nurse Meryl Taylor
Zoie Kennedy
Lizzie Kennoway
Michelle Hardwick
Philip Sutton
James Doherty
Sister Brigid
Linda Armstrong
Iain Lake
John Elkington


Paul Duane
Ken Horn
Mark Holloway