Holby City

Series 15 - 8. How Lo Can You Go?

About this programme

8/52. The death of a popular patient has a massive impact on Tara, who realises she should tell Ollie the truth about her brain tumour or risk losing him for ever. Lilah and Ric try to get things back on a professional footing after their kiss, but when he fails her on an assessment, she cannot help but wonder if their moment of madness had something to do with it. A stressed-out Michael is surprised to receive support from Ramona - and even more so when she makes him a tempting offer. Jing Lusi, James Anderson, Hugh Quarshie and Natasha Leigh star.

Cast and crew


Tara Lo
Jing Lusi
Oliver Valentine
James Anderson
Elliot Hope
Paul Bradley
Ric Griffin
Hugh Quarshie
Jonny Maconie
Michael Thomson
Antoine Malick
Jimmy Akingbola
Chantelle Lane
Lauren Drummond
Michael Spence
Hari Dhillon
Serena Campbell
Catherine Russell
Lilah Birdwood
Natasha Leigh
Imelda Cousins
Tessa Peake-Jones
Ramona Gomez
Maria Fernandez-Ache
Aisha Bose
Salma Hoque
Stu Williams
David Ross
Steph Williams
Abigail Davies
Juan Delgado
Oscar Hernandez-Rodriguez


David Tucker
Executive Producer
Johnathan Young
James Hall
Series Producer
Oliver Kent
Joe Ainsworth