Mark Steel's in Town

Series 4 - 1. Whitehaven

Radio Times
Review by:
Chris Gardner

Mark Steel hits the road again with his town-to-town stand-up and makes a cracking start in Whitehaven, immediately putting the expectant crowd in a jocular mood by describing the port as “the St Tropez of Cumbria, where the sea is always warm... thanks to the delightful Sellafield plant”.

Indeed, the nearby nuclear hub is a recurrent theme in his highly entertaining performance, together with a famous rainwater spout and eating jam. Happy chappie Steel is mocking and endearing by turns, but never cruel or alienating as he tells the history of the town that’s “not on the way to anywhere”.

And he’s great at accents, too — Cumbrian is a tricky one but he nails it — while the reference to Olympic hero Mo Farah is a gem. It comes as no surprise that he gets a rousing ovation.

About this programme

1/6. The comedian heads to Whitehaven in Cumbria to create a stand-up show tailored to locals, talking about surrealist pirates, rum butter and the link between rugby and nuclear power.

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