Inspector George Gently

Series 5 - 4. Gently in the Cathedral

Gently in the Cathedral
Radio Times
Review by:
David Butcher

If you could have your dream collision of TV detectives, what would it be? Kojak meets Luther? DCI Banks works a case with Columbo? How about Lewis and Gently joining forces? That’s what happens tonight, in a sense,
as Kevin Whately arrives to take an unexpected cameo in 1960s Durham.

He plays a retired colleague, the kind of sound, salt-of-the-earth type Whately does so well, and Gently needs him badly because his own career is suddenly in tatters. Martin Shaw and Whately work a treat together when they get to share scenes and it’s a terrific, dark and doomy episode, as corrupt venal Met officers come to stomp all over Durham, and tell Bacchus, “We need you to ’elp us nail Gently.” But will he?

About this programme

4/4. The chief inspector comes up against Rattigan, an old adversary from his days in London, whose legal challenge to his prison sentence has been upheld on the grounds that Gently fabricated evidence against him. Donald McGhee, the detective's friend and former colleague in the Met, unexpectedly arrives in Durham to offer support, but his motives remain questionable. With Bacchus torn between loyalty and ambition, Gently knows that it's up to him to find a solution to his dilemma. Sixties-set detective drama, starring Martin Shaw and Lee Ingleby, with Kevin Whately, Diana Quick, Nigel Lindsay, Morgan Watkins and Ralph Brown.

Cast and crew


George Gently
Martin Shaw
John Bacchus
Lee Ingleby
Donald McGhee
Kevin Whately
Gitta Bronson
Diana Quick
Melvin Rattigan
Ralph Brown
Owen Galliford
Kemal Sylvester
Frannie Hilston
Brett Allen
DCS Trevor Statham
Nigel Lindsay
DS Kieran Lawson
Morgan Watkins
Asst Chief Const
Chris Brailsford
PC Taylor
Simon Hubbard
Lisa Bacchus
Melanie Clark Pullen
Bernie Henderson
Angelica Penn
PC Gavin Henderson
Lee Armstrong
Alec Powell
Michael Hodgson
Leigh Ann Bacchus
Katie Anderson
Jacqueline King
PC in Woods
David Kirkbridge


Nicholas Renton
Faye Dorn
Peter Flannery