Big Fat Gypsy Weddings

My Big Fat Royal Gypsy Wedding

My Big Fat Royal Gypsy Wedding
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Alison Graham

Traveller girl Delores is preparing for her wedding in the small Irish town of Rathkeale, where “wedding season” can see up to ten gypsy weddings a week. Her prenuptial party dress is based around a palm-trees-and-pineapple theme so Delores and her best friend, as they totter into a waiting limo, look like two flamenco dancers who have crashed into a greenhouse.

As this award-winning/ratings hit/cultural phenomenon returns, the dresses are just as outrageous as ever; huge sequinned puffball clouds crossed with diamante prisons that swamp the wearer as she strives to have the biggest and best. Delores has cat shapes picked out in rhinestones on her gargantuan wedding gown and all the girl guests are primped and spray-tanned in their teeny-weeny outfits.

They start young; nine-year-old Nangirl is getting dolled up for her first holy communion. What’s the most important part of the day, she is asked: “My dress... and receiving Jesus Christ.”

About this programme

Documentary going behind the scenes of an Irish traveller couple's big day, following a team of wedding planners challenged to organise one of the most lavish ceremonies of its kind. The film offers an insight into everything from the enormous dresses to highly decorated cakes as the bride and groom hope their special day will fulfil their every dream.

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Jes Wilkins

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