Two Jews on a Cruise: A Wonderland Film

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Jane Rackham

You may remember Gaby and Tikwah Lock from a terrific and revealing Wonderland film about Hasidic weddings last year. As unorthodox as an Orthodox Jewish couple from Stamford Hill could be, they have been married for 40 years but — until last October — had never been on holiday.

Paddy Wivell, who made the first film, follows the pair on a Mediterranean cruise that as well as the standard swimming pools, casinos and day trips boasts religious lectures and relationship workshops that aim to bring back the sparkle to a marriage. For the Locks, the cruise gives them the chance to discuss the collection of used light bulbs that Gaby has always refused to throw out.

About this programme

The documentary series revisits Gaby and Tikwah Lock, a Jewish couple from Stamford Hill, north London who previously featured in a film about Hasidic weddings. This time, the pair invite cameras to follow them as they embark on a 12-day kosher cruise of the Mediterranean on the Golden Iris, which boasts religious lectures and relationship workshops alongside the usual fare of Jacuzzi sessions and light entertainment.

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Paddy Wivell
Paddy Wivell
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