Series 1 - 2. Codename: Tramp

Radio Times
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Jack Seale

The comedy pedal is still on the floor in episode two, as ignored loser Tim starts his MI5 training. His first exercise somehow earns him an unstable lodger – bad timing, because a mad family therapist has asked his evil son to monitor his every move.

A parent and child who hate each other is one of the many refreshingly brutal comic situations Spy exploits. Never mind that it makes Tim’s struggle to retain custody implausible. And never mind that everyone’s crazy and nothing is real, so that – like a lot of US sitcoms – you wouldn’t mind missing an episode. When you’re in front of it, Spy keeps doling out quick, cheap, satisfying laughs.

About this programme

2/6. It's Tim's first day at MI5 and his mission is simple - retrieve a red bag from some scaffolding - but an encounter with a homeless man causes him a few problems. Meanwhile, a social worker grows a little too fond of the single father while assessing his parenting skills. Comedy, starring Darren Boyd, Rebekah Staton and Robert Lindsay.

Cast and crew


Darren Boyd
Jude Wright
The Examiner
Robert Lindsay
Rebekah Staton
Matthew Baynton
Dolly Wells
Tom Goodman-Hill
Rosie Cavaliero

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