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Top Gear India Special

Radio Times
Review by:
David Butcher

We know how these festive specials work. Top Gear’s three unwise men set off to a foreign country in three classic bangers and play jokes on each other.

In Syria they re-wired Hammond’s open-top Fiat so it only played Genesis. On Bolivia’s “death road”, May got
so cross after a collision he attacked Clarkson with a machete. And this year’s version sounds a cracker: the trio head across India in a Jag, a Mini and a Rolls on a mission to improve our trade balance with the subcontinent. Along the way, they experience the terror of Indian traffic jams, are hailed as gods, and find how to cook naan bread in a Corby trouser press.

About this programme

Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May set out to boost the British economy by embarking on a trade mission to India. Equipped with three old British cars and a range of uniquely British products, they set off on an epic road trip across one of the world's most fascinating and challenging countries, devotedly promoting Britain - with distinctly mixed results.

Cast and crew


James May
Richard Hammond
Jeremy Clarkson


Executive Producer
Andy Wilman