The Gruffalo's Child

Radio Times
Review by:
Emma Perry

In this sequel to Julia Donaldson’s bestselling Gruffalo story, all the big names return to voice the animals, including James Corden as the cheeky mouse, Robbie Coltrane as the Gruffalo and John Hurt as the owl. Shirley Henderson is the new voice of the Gruffalo’s Child and invests her with awe, a taste for adventure and a touch of fear.

The adaptation is lovely and endearingly told, Axel Scheffler’s images forming the basis for the beautiful animation. Any small failings are those of a book that isn’t as neatly plotted as The Gruffalo. Kids will love it, and adults will appreciate its doze-friendly, snow-padded quiet.

About this programme

Animated adaptation of the sequel to Julia Donaldson's best-selling children's book, reuniting all the voice cast from the original. The Gruffalo has raised his daughter on tales of the big, bad mouse, the only creature in the forest he is frightened of. Despite her father's warnings, she sets off in search of this scary creature, along the way encountering the snake, owl and the fox. But when she still has no luck finding the evil rodent, she begins to think he does not exist after all. Robbie Coltrane, James Corden and Rob Brydon lend their voices, with Shirley Henderson as Gruffalo Jr.

Cast and crew


Mother Squirrel
Helena Bonham Carter
The Snake
Rob Brydon
The Gruffalo
Robbie Coltrane
The Mouse
James Corden
Gruffalo's Child
Shirley Henderson
The Owl
John Hurt
The Fox
Tom Wilkinson
First little squirrel
Sam Lewis
Second little squirrel
Phoebe Givron-Taylor


Johannes Weiland
Uwe Heidschotter
Michael Rose
Martin Pope
Julia Donaldson
Axel Scheffler