The Royal

Series 7 - 2. On the Road

About this programme

2/12. Nick admits some of Elsinby's homeless people to the hospital, despite Carnegie'a disapproval. Ormerod's intention to keep Dr Weatherill on light duties is scuppered when she attends an emergency call on the coastal road, where a woman in labour is trapped in a car. Meanwhile, Matron is surprised by the identity of the new student nurse, and a gossipy patient reveals the whereabouts of Ken. James Greene and Judith Barker guest star.

Cast and crew


Dr Jill Weatherill
Amy Robbins
Dr Gordon Ormerod
Robert Daws
Mr Rose
Denis Lill
Wendy Craig
Nurse Stella Davenport
Natalie Anderson
Sister Brigid
Linda Armstrong
Adam Carnegie
Robert Cavanah
Nurse Marian McKaig
Kari Corbett
Lizzie Hopkirk
Michelle Hardwick
Dr Nick Burnett
Damian O'Hare
Student Nurse Susie Dixon
Sarah Beck Mather
Frankie Robinson
Scott Taylor
Alun Morris
Andy Wear
Dermot Sheahan
James Greene
George Romain
Serge Soric
Teresa Fisher
Emma Bispham
Mark Fisher
Stuart Wolfenden
Doris Nightingale
Judith Barker
Edith Poulsey
Lottie Ward


Ian Barber
Executive Producer
Keith Richardson
Ken Horn
John Flanagan
Andrew McCulloch