CSI: Miami

Series 8 - 19. Spring Breakdown

Spring Breakdown

About this programme

19/24. The unit investigates three separate murders during the spring break - a man who fell from a balcony and was impaled on a statue, a woman found dead in an industrial-size washing machine, and a victim who had been buried alive in sand. Crime drama, starring David Caruso and Emily Procter.

Cast and crew


Horatio Caine
David Caruso
Calleigh Duquesne
Emily Procter
Frank Tripp
Rex Linn
Natalia Boa Vista
Eva La Rue
Eric Delko
Adam Rodriguez
Ryan Wolfe
Jonathan Togo
Jesse Cardoza
Eddie Cibrian
Walter Simmons
Omar Benson Miller
Dr Tom Loman
Christian Clemenson
Dave Benton
Wes Ramsey
Michael Travers
Christopher Redman
Alexis Wilkes
Teresa Castillo
Jill Quinn
Kallie Flynn Childress
Courtney Haywood
Chelsea Hobbs


Larry Detwiler
Matt Partney
Corey Evett