Rab C Nesbitt

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Emma Sturgess

Govan is beset by universal credit and the bedroom tax. Mary is playing food bank roulette, and it doesn’t look like Peaches will be going on the school cruise to Sweden. After forming the Scum Alliance (which vows to spend benefit on highly taxed items) and robbing a building society, Rab and Jamesie remain unfulfilled – until they start taking from the rich and giving to the poor.

You either get on with Rab or you don’t, and as usual there’s plenty to wince at. Nevertheless, the meticulous detail (the pub called The Punctured Arms, the early-evening magazine programme titled The Wan Show) of Ian Pattison’s creation could teach other sitcoms a thing or two about giving back to the audience.

About this programme

Facing times that are harder than ever, Rab turns to a life of crime to help make ends meet. Inspired by Robin Hood, he restyles himself as a new breed of heroic outlaw and hides out in a local park to rob the rich and give to the poor. When a local news crew takes up the story, Mary speaks out in support of the shadowy criminal known as `Rab in Hoodie'. One-off episode of Ian Pattison's comedy, starring Gregor Fisher and Elaine C Smith.

Cast and crew


Rab C Nesbitt
Gregor Fisher
Mary Nesbitt
Elaine C Smith
Jamesie Cotter
Tony Roper
Ella Cotter
Barbara Rafferty
Brian Pettifer
Anna Devitt
Ch Insp Cromer
Billy Mack
Sgt Heenan
Jane McCarry
Sally Reid
Callum Cuthbertson
Louise Poise
Scarlett Mack
Helen Mackay
Kelly Anne
Fiona Wood
Building society manager
Mark Prendergast
Elderly man
Ron Bain
Coach passenger
Lewis MacLeod
Museum attendant
James Kirk


Colin Gilbert
Executive Producer
Rab Christie
Colin Gilbert
Ian Pattison

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