Holby City

Series 16 - 5. `Arthur's Theme'

About this programme

5/52. Chantelle is surprised when Arthur professes his true feelings for her, then stunned to see Holby's latest patient is none other than her attacker Cameron Pollins. The nurse realises she's reached a crossroads in her life - but what will she do? Mo is forced to face up to some bitter home truths when her online beau Joey is admitted with chest pains, while Chrissie is suffering post-treatment complications, so it's not the best day to be served divorce papers from Sacha. Luckily Michael is there to offer comfort - and before long, one thing leads to another.

Cast and crew


Chantelle Lane
Lauren Drummond
Arthur Digby
Rob Ostlere
Antoine Malick
Jimmy Akingbola
Jonny Maconie
Michael Thomson
Mo Effanga
Chizzy Akudolu
Chrissie Williams
Tina Hobley
Mary-Claire Carter
Niamh McGrady
Michael Spence
Hari Dhillon
Sacha Levy
Bob Barrett
Elliot Hope
Paul Bradley
Zosia March
Camilla Arfwedson
Serena Campbell
Catherine Russell
Harry Tressler
Jules Knight
Edward Campbell
Aden Gillett
Mr Thompson
Ben Hull
Cameron Pollins
Sam Jackson
Joey Ryan
Daniel Francis
Ben Harvey
Memnos Costi
Rose Harvey
Kachina Reeves-Costi
Ambrose Wylie
Larrington Walker


David Innes Edwards
Anne Edyvean
Dana Fainaru