The Route Masters: Running London's Roads

Series 1 - 3. On the Buses

Radio Times
Review by:
Alison Graham

London runs on its buses. The capital’s fleet of 8,500 vehicles carries more passengers than the Tube. In this week’s episode of an enchanting series, we follow a handful of drivers on a day’s work: “If people put an effort in, I wait,” says a bus driver as a woman passenger runs to catch up.

The Route Masters has found a remarkably cheery bunch of drivers, including Alex, an old hand, who says “good morning” to all his passengers and is perturbed that most don’t return the greeting. We wallow in nostalgia as we board a beloved Routemaster bus and there’s a chat with the Mayor about his “Boris Buses”.

About this programme

3/6. More people now travel by bus in London each day than in the rest of the UK combined. In this episode, drivers talk about the pressures they are under and how the behaviour of passengers has changed over the years. Plus, there is an insight into the work of the controllers who must hit strict targets to ensure services stay on track, and the impact of a new vehicle inspired by the classic Routemaster is assessed as it hits the streets.

Cast and crew


Clare Johns
Kathryn Tregidgo
Series Producer
Simon Gilchrist