Christmas competition answers

Missed the answers to our Christmas competitions in the magazine? See below for the full list.

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If you missed the opportunity to enter our Christmas competitions, don’t worry you can still play for fun!


Click here to try and find the 50 TV or radio highlights from 2017 hidden in the picture.

Click here for the answers – did you spot them all?

Congratulations to Stephen Armstrong from Crewe, Cheshire who got all 50 correct and won an HD TV, a Blu-ray player and a selection of Blu-rays!

Click here to view the Crossword grid and try to unscramble the letters in the shaded boxes to reveal the Wordfinder.

Congratulations to Mr C Hayward of King’s Lynn, Norfolk who won a selection of Humax products for solving the Crossword – check your answers here:

ACROSS: 11 Alice In Wonderland 12 Bloat 14 Intern 15 Fairy 16 Blind date 17 Carousel 19 Until 21 Hysteria 23 Trefoil 24 Useless 26 Obviate 30 Aficionado 32 Drama 33 Tinsel 34 Ingratitude 36 Wooden spoon 39 Sylvan 41 Ashen 42 Sleigh ride 44 Tractor 45 Awkward 46 Newborn 50 Espresso 52 Carve 53 Mince pie 54 Bethlehem 56 Ships 57 In fact 59 Clwyd 60 Good King Wenceslas 

DOWN: 1 Alan Carr 2 Ache 3 Pianissimo 4 Twofold 5 Antiques Roadshow 6 Levy 7 Global 8 Insight 9 Plea 10 Babes In The Wood 13 Odds 18 Officer 20 Toledo 22 Evian 25 Season’s Greetings 27 Baton 28 Partial 29 Candles 31 Fancy-dress ball 35 Tango 37 Parable 38 Answer 40 Vicar 43 Greenfinch 47 Raincoat 48 Boyhood 49 Smasher 51 Sole 52 Comedy 55 Toys 56 Stir 58 Fish

Congratulations to Syd McLoughlin of Prestatyn, Clwyd and Stuart Bayley from Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire for unscrambling the shaded letters to reveal Inspector George Gently as the Wordfiner answer, each winning a bumper selection of the ten best BBC DVDs of 2017.

Sharp-eyed readers who scoured the Christmas double issue of to enter our “Spot the Pea” competition will have counted 35 peas hidden on pages: 3, 4, 13, 21, 33, 41, 52, 75, 81, 87, 93, 106, 119, 128, 142, 169, 175, 178, 188, 201, 216(x3), 226, 230(x2), 241, 247, 254, 257, 266, 273 (x2), 276 and 290.

The lucky winner drawn at random from the correct entries, is Evelyn Wilson from Orkney. Courtesy of Birdseye, she receives a Samsung smart TV and soundbar, a Netflix subscription, a family pamper hamper, board games and a luxury blanket.

The five books depicted in Tony Ross’s illustration in the Christmas Radio Times were Grandpa’s Great Escape, Gangsta Granny, Ratburger, Billionaire Boy and Demon Dentist.

Congratulations to Craig Oldcare, Leanne Newsome, Clare Martin, Joanne Harrison and Lesley Hill who all identified the five books and won themselves a signed copy of David Walliams’s Bad Dad.

Our Christmas Enigma, Sudoku and Trackword puzzles are still available to play for fun by clicking here.

The answers to our wizard Harry Potter quiz (RT, 16 December) were:

1. B Barnabas Cuffe
2. A Diagon Alley
3. A by owl
4. B Potterwatch
5. B Molly Weasley
6. A Witching Hour
7. C acid green
8. C a beetle
9. A Xenophilius Lovegood
10. C Dolores Umbridge


Winning two tickets to the British Library’s Harry Potter: a History of Magic exhibition and the BBC DVD of that name was Lizzie Truman, from Potton, Bedfordshire.