Volvo – The Unseen Ocean


Aldous Huxley, the English philosopher and writer, once said “We can only love what we know, and we can never know completely what we do not love.”

It is therefore very troubling to learn that despite the oceans making up more than 70 per cent of the surface of our planet, one in five British children have never seen the sea, let alone been in it.

How can we expect the next generation to protect our oceans, when they don’t feel a personal connection to these beautiful and incredibly important places?

That’s why one man has made it his mission to engage with young people and help create a new generation of “Ocean Guardians”.

Tom Franklin grew up in London, but spent his summers exploring the rock pools of Cornwall. And so began a lifelong love affair with the oceans that would shape the rest of his life. As a primary school teacher in inner-city London he was shocked at how few children had ever paddled in the sea.

This film, the next chapter of a multi award-winning series made by Volvo exclusively for Sky Atlantic, follows a group of young children as they travel with Tom from South London to the Cornish coast.  It captures the moving moment they get to witness the natural beauty of the sea, before being given the chance to splash in the waves for the first time in their lives. As well as feeling the power of the water against their skin, they are also given lessons in its fragility. They collect plastic waste that’s washed up on the beaches and are taught about the impact this has on the delicate ecosystems in and around the planet’s oceans. 

The campaign supports Volvo Cars’ sustainability programme, which is one of the most ambitious in the automotive sector. Earlier this year, the Volvo Cars announced that by 2025 it aims for at least 25% of the plastics used in every newly launched Volvo car to be made from recycled material. It has also committed to removing single-use plastics from its offices and events across the globe by the end of 2019. In September, Volvo became the first and only car maker to endorse the G7 Ocean Plastics Charter, which commits governments to take concrete steps towards addressing the issue of ocean plastics pollution.

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