Best TV and films to watch on Easter Sunday – what to watch this weekend

These offerings are just as delicious as any chocolate egg.

Martin Compston in Line of Duty

Easter Sunday, of course, means a deluge of classic family films across the networks – as well as a few TV favourites.


We’ve sorted through the TV schedules to bring you the very best in Easter Sunday across film, TV and streaming – from top new drama with Line of Duty and Midsomer Murders to the very relevant Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

Let’s start with some top picks…

What’s on ITV on Easter Sunday?

Midsomer Murders at 8pm


The poor community of Midsomer really doesn’t get a break – season 21 only finished last week, but DCI John Barnaby and DS Jamie Winter are back investigating yet another murder as season 22 kicks off this weekend. Forget any Easter bunnies, however – this episode sees the killer appear to look like a giant wolf, after an urban myth about a legendary Wolf Hunter seems to have become reality…

What’s on BBC One on Easter Sunday?

Easter programmes – Easter Sunday Worship, Urbi et Orbi and Alexander Armstrong’s Heavenly Gardens starting at 10am

Programme Name: Heavenly Gardens with Alexander Armstrong - TX: 12/04/2020 - Episode: n/a (No. 2) - Picture Shows: with Artist in Residence Edgar Philips in the Bishop’s Palace Garden next to Wells Alexander Armstrong - (C) Tern Productions - Photographer: Adam Walker

To mark Easter Sunday, the BBC will be broadcasting Easter 2021 church services including Pope Francis’ annual Easter message from the Vatican at 11am. This is preceded by a service by the Archbishop of Canterbury at 10am, and you can finish the morning off with a leisurely stroll through heavenly gardens with Alexander Armstrong at 11:15am.

Top Gear at 8pm

Top Gear

Top Gear has found a new lease of life with its latest laddish line-up, and looks to be concluding this shorter series on a high. This week the presenters confront the midlife crisis head-on, by buying the dream sports car for, ahem, “gentlemen of a certain age” and putting them through what is very loosely described as a triathlon.

Line of Duty at 9pm

Line Of Duty - DCI Joanne Davidson

It’s hardly Easter themed, but Jed Mercurio’s smash hit police procedural is easily one of the must-watch shows of this weekend. Many of this episode’s twists and turns are unknown, but we do know that a new witness will come forward with information on Gail Vella’s murder – and Kate encounters a very familiar face from the past…

What’s on Channel 4 on Easter Sunday?

Scotland’s Scenic Railways at 8pm


A relaxing Easter Sunday watch, this episode focuses on the East Fife coastal railway and the workers, enthusiasts and locals who use the historic line. However, there’s still a strong focus on panoramic views and stunning scenery – perfect while lying back and starting a chocolate egg.

Royals Declassified at 9pm

Sir Anthony Blunt

The perfect companion piece to The Crown, this series uses recently declassified documents to shed new light on key issues in Queen Elizabeth II’s reign. This episode focuses on the case of Sir Anthony Blunt (also covered in The Crown), the Surveyor of the Queen’s Pictures who was publicly unmasked by Margaret Thatcher as a KGB spy and member of the Cambridge Five.

What’s on NOW on Easter Sunday?


Janelle Monae Antebellum

One of the home rental successes during 2020, this mind-bending horror-thriller sees Janelle Monae play dual roles as a successful modern-day author drawn to the past who then finds herself a slave in antebellum America as a woman named Eden. It’s an intriguing premise as Monae flits between the two characters – will she escape from her terrifying new reality?

Best Movies on Easter Sunday

What movies are on ITV on Easter Sunday?

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory at 3:20pm

Charlie And The Chocolate Factory (2005)

Roald Dahl’s timeless tale is the ultimate chocolate-themed adventure, and this second cinematic adaptation is a lot of fun. Tim Burton directs this wacky remake which stars longtime collaborator Johnny Depp as the eccentric chocolatier, with a young Freddie Highmore as the lucky recipient of a golden ticket.

What’s on Channel 4 on Easter Sunday?

The Simpsons Movie

The Simpsons (Fox)

After two decades of animated TV shenanigans and pop culture domination, The Simpsons finally got a feature film in 2007. Stuffed with celebrity cameos (and the iconic Spider-Pig), the film rightly places Homer centre stage as the unlikely saviour of Springfield after the town is trapped in a giant dome. We’re still waiting for the long-rumoured sequel.

Grease at 5:55pm

Grease (Sky)

The classic musical is an ideal Easter weekend choice, with the iconic soundtrack just as catchy all these years later. New girl Sandy (Olivia Newton-John) is reunited with an old flame after some summer lovin’ – can she make it work with Danny (John Travolta)?

What’s on Channel 5 on Easter Sunday?

Chitty Chitty Bang Bang at 4:10pm

Chitty Chitty Bang Bang

Based on a novel by Ian Fleming and a script co-written by Roald Dahl, there was some serious star power behind this film even before you get to the lead role of David Van Dyke. After a down-on-his-luck inventor transforms an old Grand Prix car into a magical flying machine, they explore a fantasy kingdom with the help of some seriously catchy songs.

What’s on ITV2 on Easter Sunday?

Hop at 1:20pm

Russell Brand in Hop

One of the most Easter-themed films there are, this CGI/live-action comedy follows Russell Brand’s E.B. as he shrugs off his destiny as the Easter Bunny to try and become a famous LA drummer instead. James Marsden – who recently played a very similar character Sonic the Hedgehog – plays reluctant human friend Fred O’Hare, while The Flight Attendant‘s Kaley Cuoco plays his sister Sam. Hop also made the list of our 20 best Easter films.

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire at 3:15pm

Harry and Hermione Goblet of Fire

ITV2’s Harry Potter rewatch continues with Goblet of Fire, a darker fourth entry in the saga of warring wizards. When the Triwizard Tournament comes to Hogwarts, Harry’s name is unceremoniously entered – and now must face three daunting and potentially deadly tasks. Look out for Robert Pattinson as Cedric Diggory, who will soon be joining another iconic franchise as The Batman.


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