The Highway Rat – meet the voice cast

Who’s who in the new animation of the Julia Donaldson story

Tom Hollander as The Squirrel

Tom Hollander The Highway Rat

The Squirrel is having a hard time hiding his nuts from the ravenous rat.


Where do I recognise Tom Hollander from?

Hollander starred in The Night Manager in 2016 alongside Tom Hiddleston, and you might have also seen him in Taboo and Rev. In terms of movies, Hollander has appeared in About Time, three of the Pirates of the Caribbean films and Mission Impossible. He’s also been on the voice cast of American Dad! Since 2006.

Nina Sosanya as The Duck

Nina Sosanya The Highway Rat (Getty, BBC, EH)

The Duck is a clever and cunning creature – who might just outsmart the rat…


Where do I recognise Nina Sosanya from?

Love Actually! Sosanya played an employee at Number 10, working for Hugh Grant’s prime minister. More recently she has starred in W1A, Strike Back, Last Tango in Halifax and Silk. Like David Tennant, she is also in the cast of Good Omens.