Last night, dreams came true. New champions were crowned, new faces made a statement and WWE Royal Rumble history was made.


We even got a prediction or two right! Yet, WWE can’t stand still. Raw is here, just 24 hours out from the PPV’s conclusion, to shed some light on what last night’s results mean for the future of the business. rounds up what you can expect to see on this week’s episode of Monday Night Raw, featuring some of the biggest match-ups and predictions.

Edge did it


He actually did it. Even from number one spot, Edge’s grit, determination and will to never give up has taken him to WrestleMania.

The moment he eliminated Randy Orton to win the Rumble match, all these years after having to retire before his time, will go down as one of the all-time great Royal Rumble moments.

We need him to be on Monday Night Raw just to let that sink in. Just to confirm that we didn’t imagine it, that it did actually happen and nobody can take it away.

Whether the Rated-R Superstar gives any hints to which champion he will now challenge at the Show of Shows or not, witnessing a jubilant Edge promo is what we all need right now.

Drew is still the King

Drew McIntyre

It was just as billed. It was swift, it was hard-hitting and it was box office. Drew McIntyre v Goldberg at Royal Rumble was a big bang of powerhouse action and in the end the Scottish WWE Champion kept his crown.

Drew will still be reeling after surviving multiple Spears and a Jackhammer from one of the most destructive to ever do it, but he’ll now be looking for his next hurdle.

The threat could come from any avenue, but with The Miz failing to deliver on his Money in the Bank cash-in promise, he’ll surely want to make his presence known once more.

Bliss and Orton clash

Alexa Bliss and Randy Orton

With Alexa Bliss swamped and eliminated by Rhea Ripley during the women’s Royal Rumble and Randy Orton failing to get past his bitter enemy Edge, it’s fair to say neither superstar’s night went quite to plan.

It’s time to move on from that disappointment for both, as the animosity shared between the two is nowhere near solved.

With The Fiend still nowhere to be found – except maybe somewhere inside Alexa’s head – the former Goddess will still have to go things alone. Being in the sights of the most sadistic force WWE has ever seen is not a good place to be.

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