The BBC commentary team couldn’t contain their excitement after Usain Bolt’s victory

Brendan Foster is a consummate professional, but even he couldn't hide his delight when Bolt beat twice-banned Justin Gatlin to win gold at the World Athletics Championships

Sometimes, even if you work for the BBC, it’s OK to be biased.


As Usain Bolt lined up alongside two-time drugs cheat Justin Gatlin in the World Athletics Championships 100m final, nobody expected this so-called race for the soul of athletics to have a happy ending.

So when Bolt did hold off his American rival to win the gold medal – by a mere one hundredth of a second – who could blame commentator Brendan Foster for celebrating… like this?

This wasn’t just a late bid to be named in the Strictly Come Dancing line-up. This was the boogie of a man who has covered every major athletics event since 1983 and won an Olympic medal himself in 1976 – ‘Bren’ knows when a victory means more than just another medal.

The mood was catching. This was the scene from the 5 Live commentary position, with former 400m runner Allison Curbishley smacking sprinter Darren Campbell on the arm when she realised that Bolt might just do it.

Meanwhile, on TV, commentator Steve Cram found just the rights words: “Bolt has saved his title! He’s saved his reputation! He may have even saved his sport!”


BBC bias? It’s all in the name of good clean fun.