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Sasha Banks won't fight Asuka at SummerSlam but plans to 'own WWE in five to ten years'

WWE superstar Sasha Banks has spoken about her future with the company in an exclusive interview.

Sasha Banks WWE
Published: Friday, 7th August 2020 at 4:19 pm

Sasha Banks has laughed off suggestions she will face Asuka at SummerSlam later this month after their recent clash ended with The Boss claiming her record fifth RAW Women's Championship.


The Blueprint spoke exclusively to about her future with WWE and claims she is done with Asuka, and that the Japanese wrestler should say 'thank you' to Banks and tag team partner Bayley despite their victory.

Banks – who wants a WWE return for her cousin Snoop Dogg – also claims she plans to "own WWE in five to 10 years".

On the potential of having her title pinched at SummerSlam, Banks said: "There's nobody I'm nervous about facing, definitely not Asuka. I have nothing to say to her.

"Does she have anything to say to me and Bayley? Like, 'thank you' because we got Kairi off her back. Now she can only worry about herself so she should say 'thank you Sasha Banks and Bayley, now I can focus on myself and be a better wrestler, better champion'.

"But she's not going to get that title back, she's not going wrestle me again because I'm going to make sure I have at least security around me. It's my championship, my title and I'm going to hold it forever."

"I am Sasha Banks, I always come in with a plan. I'm not worried per se.

"When you have two titles, you definitely have a bigger target on your back but because I am the boss, the leader, the standard, the blueprint, I'm always ready.

"Whatever they want to bring to me at SummerSlam, whatever Vince wants, I will make sure that I am ready for it."

However Banks' story develops in the coming weeks, she has her goal set on owning the company within the next decade.

"It's in the works, I'm manifesting it, I'm saving money, I'm rich.

"In the next five or ten years, this company, is going to be owned by Sasha Banks. That's what I see for the future, is me owning the company."

Sasha Banks WWE
WWE superstar Sasha Banks recently defeated Asuka WWE

For now though, she recognises she must continue to battle away in empty arenas.

Banks, who counts Snoop Dogg as her cousin, admitted she has struggled to hype herself up for certain matches, but is trying to take positives from a lack of fans.

She said: "I do miss the fans so so much, so I can't wait for the day that we get back to that, but until then I've been having a really good time.

"It's really fun to do TV without them because it's such a different way of doing it. It's not just wrestling, it's more getting to know the characters without fans interrupting that. It's like, 'hey you guys aren't even here, let me talk, look at me! I'm the boss, I'm the blueprint.'

"I don't have to change my ideas or thoughts because of the fans. If they don't like something, you can hear that and you change what you're doing in that match because of that reaction.

"Now that they're not here, they can't tell me what to do. I go in there with my initial idea and going in there as Sasha Banks caring only about Sasha Banks."


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