Hollyoaks have released a brand new trailer previewing the biggest storylines playing out in spring 2020.

The action-packed clip, which landed on Friday 28th February ahead of 'leap year day', hence dubbing it the 'leap year trailer, reveals a first look at some explosive moments hitting screens in the coming months, including Liam Donovan's twisted revenge plot, Mercedes McQueen finally discovering who shot her, the return of Sienna Blake and the arrival of Richard Blackwood as Mitchell Deveraux's long-lost dad.

Here's a rundown of the six sensational storylines settling Hollyoaks alight this spring…

Liam's fall from Grace

hollyoaks liam donovan grace black james nightingale

The dastardly Donovan has been taking aim at pictures of his enemies stuck on the dartboard of doom since the tragic death of little brother Jesse Donovan, now he's putting the revenge master plan into action.

Gathering Grace Black, James Nightingale, Mercedes McQueen, Maxine Kinsella, John Paul McQueen and Sylver McQueen to a twisted 'devil's dinner party' at the Dog, Liam prepares to take down everyone who's ever crossed him and exposes Grace and James as the ones who shot Mercedes to the landlady herself.

Rival Warren Fox is seen sneaking in, will he save the hostages or end up as one himself?

County lines

hollyoaks juliet nightingale

Cocky schoolgirl Juliet Nightingale is arrested for dealing drugs when posing as a pupil at another local school, having fallen deeper into the insidious trafficking ring targeting vulnerable young villagers. Gang leader Jordan Price's sinister grip on her and his cousin Sid Sumner tightens, but the promise of power and status doesn't appear to put Juliet off the dangerous consequences of county lines.

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A family affair

hollyoaks edward hutchinson

Tony Hutchinson was just getting his marriage back on track after being held hostage for months by serial killer Breda McQueen, now finds out wife Diane Hutchinson betrayed him by sleeping with his dad Edward Hutchinson while he was away. Di defends herself by saying she thought Tony had walked out, thanks to Breda's lies, and begs forgiveness, while Dr Edward delights at the thought of stealing his daughter-in-law away from his son…

The Deveraux dynasty

hollyoaks felix westwood

We get a first look at former EastEnders star Richard Blackwood in action as Felix Westwood, old flame of Martine Deveraux and long-lost dad of Mitchell Deveraux and secret twin Toby Faroe. Martine and dad Walter Deveraux are terrified of Felix being back in their lives, and the man himself warns he "knows too much" about the family's past, hinting Toby's true identity is soon to be revealed and blow the clan apart.

Will we discover why the twins were separated at birth? And what other secrets does Felix bring to the Deveraux table?

Sister surrogacy

hollyoaks sienna blake

Sienna Blake is back, having scarpered seeking emergency treatment for sickly son Sebastian. She walks in on a very cosy moment between boyfriend Brody Hudson and little sister Liberty Savage, who are on the verge of full-on romance having been drawn together through the messy surrogacy situation.

Will Sienna now reveal she knows the pair slept together for real to conceive the baby, and there was no insemination? And what will Sienna's return mean for her and Warren's volatile relationship?

Darren's depression

hollyoaks darren osborne

The slow burning mental health plot for the usually fun-loving character kicks into gear, as Darren's unhappiness manifests into worrying symptoms, manic behaviour and low self-esteem, leading his loved ones to grow concerned for his mental health. Kyle Kelly is the first to put his finger on a depression diagnosis, but will Darren face up to what he's going through or bury his head in the sand?

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