Hollyoaks spoilers: Porsche tells the McQueens that Pete assaulted her, plus Sinead stuns Ste

1-5 June: And Reenie is arrested, while Grace gets angry when Dylan's mum Val shows up

Monday 1 June


Simone is stocking up Price Slice with fine wines. Louis says it’s another coping mechanism – what is he alluding too?

Dylan’s mum, Val turns up. Trevor tells Val about Esther keeping the baby and Val hugs him in support. Grace is furious when Trevor lets it slip that Val was at the hospital. Later, she furiously drills into a wall at The Loft and is electrocuted.

Reenie holds a ‘welcome home lunch’ at The Dog and tells Porsche she’s sticking around. Porsche storms off, bumping in to Trevor. Reenie gives Trevor the £3k that Porsche gave her so he leaves her alone. Porsche agrees to help her mum change but later breaks into Price Slice wearing Reenie’s coat to stitch her up.

Josh asks Celine on a date, still thinking she’s Mariam, but becomes suspicious… Cameron jumps in, saving the day.

Tuesday 2 June

Grace is in hospital. Kim cancels plans with Esther when she hears about Grace. She later lets herself in to Grace’s flat.

Reenie is arrested. Celine lets it slip to Cleo and Nana that they tried to pay Reenie off. Cleo gives Reenie an alibi so she’s released. Later, the McQueens realise that Porsche was trying to frame Reenie, but Reenie lies to cover for Porsche and ‘admits’ that it WAS her who broke into Price Slice. Nana tells Reenie to leave but Porsche softens, telling Reenie she’ll talk Nana in to letting her stay. However, when Pete arrives, Porsche and Reenie’s relationship is back on the rocks and Porsche tells her family that she was assaulted by him.

Simone has been left without her posh wine following Porsche’s robbery, so Zack prints off fake wine labels to put on the cheap bottles so they can fool the wine critic. Simone is granted a ‘Cheshire Cork’ award. 

Wednesday 3 June

Reenie accuses Porsche of lying. Reenie gets drunk in The Dog with Frankie. Ste takes baby Hannah to work but John Paul sees he’s struggling and offers to babysit. Sinead is furious and Scott has to stop Sinead from revealing her secret crush. She tells Scott that she has to tell Ste the truth.

Simone spots Cameron pouring her stolen wine down the sink at The Hutch and Ste sacks him.

Thursday 4 June

Sienna offers to help him clean out Mariam’s house. At the house, Dr S’Avage finds a bracelet with a ‘C’ on and also notices the expensive painting is missing. Celine goes on a date with Cameron and they kiss. Afterwards, at the hospital she realises her bracelet is gone and the penny drops for Dr S’Avage that Celine is behind the missing painting. He tells her she’s got 24 hours to return it before he calls the police.                                              

Sinead is convinced that John Paul wants Ste back

Friday 5 June

Ste tells Sinead he wishes they had never slept together. An argument erupts and Sinead is insensitive about Ste having HIV. Ste needs to get away and arranges to meet someone.

Cameron and Celine plan to get the painting back for Dr S’Avage. They break in to Mariam’s house, inviting Josh round, but Celine’s efforts to sweet-talk Josh fail when Cameron overhears Josh badmouthing him.

Sienna’s bag is snatched in the Magic Bean but Ben, who is secretly eyeing Sienna up, chases the culprit. He retrieves the bag and he and Sienna have coffee together, unaware jealous Dr S’Avage is feeling pushed out.


Simone and Cindy lock horns again so Dirk and Louis suggest lunch as a four-some. Tensions explode in to a food fight. Later, Simone sends Cindy a book to prove she was once an author. This infuriates Cindy further.