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6 Hollyoaks spoilers for next week: Tony's acting strangely, and Jordan feels the pressure

Plus, Hollyoaks Favourites revisits Max Cunningham's death.

hollyoaks tony hutchinson edward hutchinson
Published: Saturday, 27th June 2020 at 7:00 am

Testing times ahead for Tony Hutchinson, who's increasingly erratic behaviour has his wife Diane Hutchinson worried - and despicable dad Edward Hutchinson delighted.


Elsewhere, Jordan Price is under pressure from big boss Victor Brothers, Sienna Blake fears for her son's life, and we go back to the noughties as Hollyoaks Favourites airs a heartbreaking death of a much-loved character.

Here are your Hollyoaks spoilers for 29th June-3rd July 2020.

What's wrong with Tony?


Think you know Tony Hutchinson, the Ken Barlow of Hollyoaks? The lovable, dependable heart of the village? Think again. The chef is having unexplained mood swings, happy and upbeat one minute, angry and agitated the next. Diane is distressed when a customer criticises his cooking and Tony seriously flips out, while dastardly Dr Edward twirls his invisible moustache as his secret plan for his son progresses: Ed is secretly drugging Tony with testosterone to turn him from benign buffoon into a ball of rage, so his wife leaves him. Then Tony makes noises about getting a second medical opinion…

Jordan feels the pressure

hollyoaks Jordan price Leela lomax peri lomax

Now we've met Victor, the vicious head of the county lines drug operation, we've got some idea of what Jordan is up against. Is it enough to feel sympathy for him though? The guy is as much of a victim as Sid and Juliet, and was once like them - an innocent teen tempted by the promise of money and status, turned into a foot soldier then ensnared into a nefarious network from which there is no escape. Leela Lomax and Peri Lomax, both romancing the bad boy, make big decisions about their respective relationships with Jordan that will have big consequences.

Will Sid recruit a new dealer?


Elsewhere in the county lines story, young Charlie Dean is targeted once more by Sid - on cousin Jordan's insistence - to join the illegal operation and assist in corrupting the local youngsters by selling narcotics. We've been here before, but Charlie's recent trauma of losing stepdad Kyle makes the teen even more vulnerable than before. Initially telling Sid he refuses to work for Jordan, can he stay strong?

John Paul chooses James?

hollyoaks John paul james george

Feeling sorry for forlorn ex James Nightingale, kindly teacher John Paul McQueen ditches a date with new fella George Kiss to spend time with his old flame. Realising PC Perfect got binned off in favour of him, smug James takes this as proof that him and JP are back on. Don't go picking out soft furnishings and Denby crockery sets just yet, James - you might have jumped the gun somewhat…

Sienna lies to Warren

hollyoaks warren sienna

While pregnant Liberty Savage grows closer to Damon Kinsella, big sister Sienna Blake - eventual recipient of the surrogate baby Lib is incubating - has more on her mind when doctors ask to see her. Having recently been to hell and back with young son Sebastian's leukaemia battle, the stressed mum fears the worst. So why does she lie to Sebastian's dad Warren Fox that everything is fine? And you thought the lying, deceitful Sienna of old was gone.

Hollyoaks Favourites: Max Cunningham is wed and dead

hollyoaks favourites Max cunningham dies

Back to 2008 for our weekly raid of the Hollyoaks archives, and Max Cunningham prepares to tie the knot to Steph Dean. These two were an unlikely but irresistibly cute couple and it should've been their big happy ending - if the groom hadn't heroically jumped in front of a speeding car to save little brother Tom Cunningham. Max's death signals the end of his and best mate OB O'Brien's winning partnership - they were the Ant and Dec of soap back in the day. You'll weep, and not just because of the reminder of how cute Tom was.


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