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5 Hollyoaks spoilers for next week: Liam's revenge, and Edward's got a new scheme

Plus Liberty falls harder for Brody

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Published: Sunday, 22nd March 2020 at 6:00 am

It's a huge week in Hollyoaks - Liam Donovan's thirst for revenge is about to be quashed as the gangster gathers his enemies together to get his own back on all the wrongs that have been done to him.


The explosive storyline dominates the action and you should prepare for huge repercussions, while elsewhere there are more emotional matters concerning Darren, Diane and Liberty as their lives begin to unravel. Here's your Hollyoaks spoilers for 23rd-27th March 2020.

Liam's devilish dinner party

hollyoaks liam Donovan mercedes maqueen maxine kinsella

Get ready for the worst Hollyoaks Does Come Dine With Me ever as gangster Liam summons everyone he hates to the Dog, barricades the guests inside and sits them round the table for what he dubs the 'Devil's Dinner Party'. Mercedes McQueen, Grace Black, James Nightingale, Maxine Kinsella are greeted by their manic host who promises a meal they will never forget - and he's not boasting about his risotto. Among the sinister surprises are Liam blabbing to Mercy it was Grace and James who shot her, and his chilling announcement he'll let everyone go unharmed as long as Mercedes kills Grace. As the hostage scenario escalates, armed police surround the pub. Will anyone live long enough to get dessert?

Wedding woes

hollyoaks grace black

Alongside their involvement in Liam's loopy vendetta, Grace and Mercedes are sniping at one another as they vie for Sylver McQueen's affections. Grace is excitedly planning their wedding, despite the fact Sylver didn't even properly propose and is too decent a guy to point it out. He's just going along with it wearing a look on his face that secretly screams, "Help!" Clearly still holding a torch for true love Mercy, the gentle giant reluctantly starts divorce proceedings nonetheless. If any of the trio make it out alive from Liam's soirée, one of them is guaranteed to be nursing a broken heart.

Edward's new scheme

hollyoaks Edward and tony

Thanks to that treasured old soap device of a microphone accidentally broadcasting a private conversation to a room full of people, the truth about Diane Hutchinson's affair with father-in-law Edward Hutchinson is out there. Tony Hutchinson is reeling at the betrayal but Edward will not be pushed away by his son and locks them in a room together so they can talk. What with this and Liam shutting everyone in the pub, it must be lock-yourselves-up-to-get-what-you-want week. Edward realises he must employ more drastic methods to stop Tony throwing him out, and when he overhears colleague Dr Misbah Maalik give a warning on medication that can affect personalities a depraved plan forms…

Darren's setback

hollyoaks darren Osborne kyle kelly

Meanwhile, Darren Osborne's depression storyline continues. The recent single-strand episode focusing on the character offloading to Kyle Kelly was a moving, thought-provoking exploration of male mental health in the 30-something age group. Kyle is still trying to be there for Daz and encourage him to face his fears, while hiding his own psychological struggles from the world. But when Darren messes up with partner Mandy Morgan again, will this prove to be a setback too far?

Liberty's parent trap

hollyoaks liberty savage

Finally we have Liberty Savage eyeing baby daddy Brody Hudson like he's an unwrapped ice lolly on a hot day at the beach - I wish these two would either get it on, or have Sienna Blake bowl back just in time to stop them but clock the sexual tension to create a deliciously uncomfortable three's-a-crowd dynamic. To his credit, Brody tries to stay away from Lib this week after an awkwardly intimate pre-natal meditation class. Is asking his BFF Damon Kinsella to take her out really the best way for Liberty to deal with her unpredictable pregnancy hormones?


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